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    Okie dokie. I have created a chat room and posted it on my site, Now, I would like to make a room (Which I think I already did), and make it where I can enter it, and always be “owner” or whatever it’s called. I also would like to make a username, that’s official. Not so anyone else can take it. How do I do this? Help a brother out here


    I’m just about to go insane. I found a forum, Dave, that you posted telling me how to register my room. Did everything it said, and everything seemed it worked. Even added a Bot, Glitch, that helps me. Well, I added it, and left the room to see if it worked. So when I re-entered, the bot was still there, but I didn’t have operator controls. Not even an @ besides my name. Instead, Glitch did. Argh. Now what? I even did the identify thing as soon as I got in there, and it said it identified me, but I still don’t have any controls. Shouldn’t I be owner, since I was the one that created the friggin’ room? Any help would be deeply appreciated.


    I’m so lost. I tried it again. Identified myself, and worked. Still didn’t have my controls. So I thought I’d join another room and see if I could get assistance. I try to go in Help but wouldnt’ work and kicked me out. So I just decided to go back to my room. I type in my room, drumcrazy, and now here I am, WITH my operator controls. I’m so confused.

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    While in your room type: /nickserv identify YourPasswordHere

    Then type: /chanserv op

    or type: !op (this tells your bot to give you @’s)

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