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    I had posted this elsewhere on the net and thought I should share it here too.

    As reported on slashdot.org Eolas is the victor in the Eolas v. Microsoft court case over patent 5,838,906. This patent covers embeded objects that provide interactive content to users. A more descriptive explaination is below, taken from Eolas’ own site.

    Microsoft will be making changes to their browsers in response to the patent but there are many other browsers being created that this patent also affects. This patent also probably affects those that run websites with such embeded objects. (think java chat and flash)

    I personally think that these far reaching patents that cover what I think are basic building blocks of the internet are plain wrong. Think about it, there have been patents on one click purchases??? or the idea that you can buy it now as apposed to later. Use frames? Your illegal! With luck at some point the tide will turn against such patents. It’s just insane to think companies can patent such nonsense. Imagine if Henry Ford patented the assembly line or even the idea of four wheels on an automobile.

    eolas.com description of the pattent:

    U.S. Patent 5,838,906, Filed in October, 1994, Issued November 17, 1998

    Inventors: Michael D. Doyle, David C. Martin and Cheong Ang

    First demonstrated publicly in 1993, this invention lifted the glass for the first time from the hypermedia browser, enabling Web browsers for the first time to act as platforms for fully-interactive embedded applications. The patent covers Web browsers that support such currently popular technologies as ActiveX components, Java applets, and Navigator plug-ins. Eolas’ advanced browser technology makes possible rich interactive online experiences for over 500 million Web users, worldwide.

    Scary, isn’t it?

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