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    I have a user that uses an Apple computer and she can no longer get intp the room. She has three different browsers and none of them will work. She gets the chat window but its blank and thats as far as it goes. Anyone have any suggestions???




    Do they have java enabled?

    So no… Just do that..

    So yes.. Okay, that version can’t get it.. You have to contact the server administrator. Or go to the Suggestion Box forum to add that.


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    Hey Norm,

    Were they able to before? I have updated the applet to the latest version but perhaps this is a new bug in this version? I can make the cgi scripts check for browser info and load the older applet if that was working before?

    I have had some simular issues on SuSE/Firebird and the latest java plugin.

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    Hi Dave,

    Yes, it worked before (like 6-8 months ago) then it stopped working. I sent them all the suggestions from the FAQ page but no luck. Speaking of JAVA, I understand there is a new version available from SUN. One of my users has downloaded and installed it and all his chat room anomolies went away. Most of us now cannot access the pulldowns at the bottom of the room box – i can just see them and click on them, some users cannot see them at all. Please advise!

    Thanx Dave!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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