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    Here’s a recent scam I recieved in my inbox:


    Good day to you and

    please do not be offended by my intrusion into your

    privacy through your

    receipt of this letter.

    I am

    Barrister Robert Best,Legal counsel to Mr.Jean Paul

    Guei,only surviving child of late

    General Robert Guei,former president of Cote

    d’Ivoire,a country in the

    western region of Africa.

    See links/////////



    My client told me to contact you having gotten your

    contact from the

    internet hoping that you will give us more details

    about yourself in your

    reply.My clients late father was estimated to have

    been worth over

    $50,000,000 USD but all his bank accounts were froozen

    by Cote d’Ivoire

    government except an account containing $15,450,000

    USD saved under my

    clients name which my client wants to move to your

    country with your

    assistance for the purpose of safe keeping and

    investment under your

    guidance and supervision for five years.My partner is

    proposing a partnership

    that will benefit the two parties since he needs the

    assistance of a

    foreigner to be able to access the money in the

    account in a security

    company here in London.The account has been dormant

    since it was opened

    therefore it attracted no attention because money was

    never withdrawn

    from it unlike the other accounts in other countries

    operated under the

    late General personal name.

    To move the funds to you,a change of ownership will be

    done in your

    favour.This will make you the new owner and only

    beneficiary of the money

    to ensure that any withdrawal will not attract

    attention because you

    are not related to the Guei family nor have you had

    any prior dealing

    with them.You will then be given the name of a

    reputable bank where you

    will open a dollar account in your name.I will then

    withdraw the money

    with a power of attorney from you and pay into the

    account you

    opened.After this you will contact the bank and

    instruct them to wire transfer

    the funds into your safe account in your country.

    I will then retrieve all documents used to make the

    transfer and

    destroy it.

    For your role, you will take 30% of the total money

    while 5% will be

    used to take care of and pay back all expenses incured

    by both parties

    during the course of moving the funds including my

    legal fees which are

    yet to be paid due to the situation of things.The

    remaining 65% will be

    used by my client for his upkeep and investment by my

    client who

    wishes to move finally to your country as soon as the

    transfer is effected

    into your account. You will negotiate with him later

    on the percentage

    you will get for any future assistance rendered in

    investing the funds.

    I guarantee that everything will be legally arranged

    to ensure 100%

    risk free transaction.

    Contact me immediately you receive this letter via my alternative email


    : [email protected]

    or via my private secure phone line:44-7092027437.

    An urgent response from you will be highly appreciated

    and remember

    always that you are not to discuss this letter or the

    money with anyone

    for my clients sake.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Robert Best

    Legal Counsel



    Also arrangements can also be made for cash payment directly to you..but you have to present yourself in person as the beneficiary to clear the funds and get them paid into a bank account.


    If you recieve one of these types of email please do not fall for it! These people are full of it!

    Nothing rhymes with Cindy Crawford after 9 coronas...


    My gosh!!!! If you can’t pick out that that is a scam from the beginning, then you just need some plain help!!!

    ~~~Misty~~~{@ Im the little one...and mysterious one

    I’ve received that email or one like it. Some enter singles sites and prey on the lonely women there. Pretty sick of those individuals who do that kind of scam.

    SC, USA

    Ur right, if you couldnt tell from the beginning of the e mail, then you do ned some help… scary how people will word things ….

    If you e mail me, please put the chatprogram name in the subject line.. i have a web page and i dont want to delete something that is important... Better yet you might want to email to [email protected] that way I wont delete it.. thx
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