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I’m moving my services to a subscription based offering. There will still be a free version with limited features. There is no need to have the various commands available for mirc when the java chat will not be using them. As far as /quit messages go yes you still can use this command with the java applet. (it is one of a few others that will be removed from the applet’s abilities)

I spend over $1,800.00 dollars a year on this little hobbie of mine now and I really don’t forsee mirc users paying for chat services. It’s slow going in getting in the changes I need to make for java as I have a real full time job to pay the bills for myself and my family. This “hobbie” of mine will either be able to pay for it’s operating costs at some point (excluding my efforts/labor) or I will simply shut it down as I would rather purchase a new truck and put the money currently spent towards that.

There are numerous chat networks out there that one can visit and use freely. I suggest trying one of them if mIRC is your client of choice. I believe mIRC comes with a listing of those networks but I could be wrong. If so then take a look at some of the bigger networks such as efnet.net, undernet.net and dalnet.net.

Thanks for the feedback. It is indeed read and weighted with consideration.

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