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Scandinavia, WI

I went right into your chat room from your chat page. I clicked the “click to chat” link and the window opened up. I changed the “Guest” nickname to my nickname and hit the “Chat Now” button. It connected to the chat server and took me right to your room.

If you have not already registered a nickname on the chat server, NOT the website you can enter your nickserv password into the password area. Otherwise if you have not yet registered your nickname on the chat server DON’T enter your password. Other than that I’m not sure why you can’t get in and this should still not keep that from happening but it is one less thing needed.

Just change “Guest” to your nickname and click the “Chat Now” button and wait for it to load.

Also, when the popup window appears asking for permission to run the applet click “yes” or the applet will not load if you click no. If you have already clicked no then read over some of the other help questions posted here that cover how to fix this.

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