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I just updated the applet and there were some changes needed with the drop down menus. I do believe I have it working now but will check again. Make sure you refresh the window the chat room is in to load the new java script over the old cached one. The firewall is what is slowing down the connection times. Usualy it only takes about 3 to 4 seconds to connect.

The ident or lack of an ident is not a big deal. Nor is the resolving of the host name. If your host name does not resolve it will still allow you to connect with your static IP address. The open socks check/proxie scan is what slows down your connection times. If your behind a firewall the scan takes longer. What this is looking for is users trying to connect using an insecure proxie. If they are doing so they are denied connection. This is for security/safty reasons for all users on the network and the network itself.

I do believe I have them java errors fixed so please try refreshing the room using right click and selecting “refresh” and let the room load again. Let me know if you find other errors. I’ll keep fixing them as needed. These java script errors are being caused by a work-around I used for a flaw in the older applet. The new applet doesn’t need the work-around and now the java has errors where there was none before.

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