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Everything seems to be working fine for me. I’m using Win 2K and IE 6.0 here.

I noticed this quote at your site.. “Note: It may take up to 60 seconds for the chat server to log you into the MCPWCA room. Please be patient.”

The chat room loads in a few seconds depending on the users setup. Some users with firewalls will have a slower load time do to the fact that my chat servers scan for open, insecure proxies and denies access to anyone trying to connect to my network with one. I know XP has a built in fire wall. Have a look at this link, maybe it will help:


It may be possible that some browser setting needs to be adjusted…

I did find some errors since I uploaded a new applet version. The old applet needed a work-around I created in javascript and this new version does not seem to need the work-around and so the fix for the old applet was breaking the new one.

Let me know how things go. Also, remember to refresh your chat room window to load the new javascript.

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