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Hey Dave, hope you don’t mind me doing this.? This is a humerous video from tootsie, oopps I mean toosloe, wishing Dave a Merry Christmas. It is about 25 seconds in length. I have put two video links up: one in Real Player format and the other in Windows Media Player format. If you try the Real Player video and it doesn’t work for you then more than likely the Windows Media format will. These video links will remain active at least till January 2nd, possibly longer? Hopefully this will brighten someones day. Be sure to post your replies to this as this will be a determining factor on how long the video stays active. If you are not signed up with ChattersOnline you will not be able to post here until you sign up. It’s free.

This is the link to Real Player format:


This is the link to Windows Media Player format (case Sensitive):


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Wonder if Toosloe will join us for a chat room discussion? Bad idea, he probably wouldn’t have the money it would cost him to do that plus it would be like a bad computer virus. Probably why his wife kicked him out anyway for not supporting her.

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