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United Kingdom, Derbyshire.

$1,800 is alot, considering i’m UK thats roughly 1,600 which is still one hell uv alot considering I don’t think many people appreciate your work, if this is to be FREE, then you should start getting in those ads whereby you click it and then you get cash from the company in the ad. This will bring in a fair ammount if, when the site is loaded you have to click say, 4-5 links or whatever, all SAFE, but then you might get a couple dollars for each person, which, if you look at your site hits, damn you will be quids in and the cost will/should be reduced significantly, however, it’s probably a fool’s hope, but at least I am trying.

I am new here, and would like to have a good chat with some of the guys here. And glas possibly I have altered my forums significantly to suit my needs and am rather proud http://s9.invisionfree.com/XDV_discussion/