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what does locking a rooms mode do, and securing the moderator? How can i set up no cursing – i use a bot or something?

Locking room modes is to lock all the settings of the room so you or someone else can’t change them. So if you made your room private, you aren’t able to make it unprivate anymore until you turn of modelock!

Securing the moderator is that someone can’t be given @ by hand. The @status is protected and can’t be given with the +O key. You can set that if to make your chatroom safe, so for example no one of your mod-team can give their friends @ status without your permission. If you want to make your friends moderator, then you have to add them to the AOP list.

And if you don’t want any cursing, you have to make a badwordslist, and set kick on badwords with the bot on. So the people who curs, automatically been kicked or warned. If you don’t know how to, search the forum to find information about it


And what is the code to register my friends?

There is no ‘code’ to register your friends. They have to register their nickname with nickserv. They do that with:

/ns register nickname emailadress


Hey, I figured out y people couldnt get in, they werent clicking the ‘trust source’ icon. Does that appear for every1? Can i rid of it, or is that the computer just making the user aware of his/her action and i can’t take it away?

Yes, everyone gets that and if they don’t accept it, they aren’t able to log in. You can’t take is away, or they have to connect with mIRC, then you don’t get the trust popup!


Also, I have tried numerous times to make my registered friend host. THough the host sign appears then disappears. I even tried turning off the bot i think what it was – it allowed me then to change her level-i put her on all of them from 1-7 successfully, then tried making her host… But it still failed to work. What am i doing wrong?

If you added some of your friends to the aop list, and they have operator status. You don’t have to give them @’s anymore. You also CAN’T because of the ‘secure moderator’ option!

But if they have the status they only have to type:

/cs op And the @ will appear before their names