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How do you mean add him/her with access list? Is there a certain code your defining? If so can you list it for for me, or tell me a post in which to read please.

If you searched a bit in this whole board you found a lot of posts where it tells you how to add someone to the access list.

This is the code: /cs aop #roomname chatname [1/10]

Example: /cs aop #Chatbox Cindy 5


Ive realised that the chatroom can only withhold 10ppl. Is this a permanent feature or will it be changed. What are the current prices of a chat room? 15dollar per year for minimum i think. I might need to buy one if my website becomes a hit – which is immensley in the progress already. If i were to buy this, would i have to redign my chatroom and enter new html, and do the previous functions of becoming an admin, like i have done with my present chat room?

Ehm… The big boss (Dave) was busy doing a whole project setting up a new irc serv and handle this off with the ‘paid version’ But now we all didn’t here from him in ages So actually, I don’t know

What I know is that currently only (like you said, yes) 10 ppl can enter a box. And I thought he had plans to change this as far as it could. And there IS a paid version. But how to get it and how to change things when you get it…. ??? I don’t know