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hey yall…I am having problems with getting the admin postion. I read the help thingy with getting the admin postion but i dont understand it. It gave me a code to put in but i dont know where to put…and how to put.

Okay, right.. You don’t know where to put your code? Just in a place where you can put HTML on you homepage storage.


I really like this new chat that i made..the only problem is that first person to come is the admin. I made other chats but i really like this one and i want to keep this one. I have been trying for days to get my admin postion on my chat thingy but it does not work. By the way…did i tell yall that i am not great with computer?? 😛 My chat works just fine. Please help

You can keep this room aight! But what is the problem? Did you registered you nick?

/ns register nickname password email

Did you identief yourself?

/ns identify password

and then did you registered your chatroom?

/cs register #roomname password discription

then op yourself with the op command?

/cs op

Then it’ll have to work