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i do PM to Sesshomaru and it says no such nick/channel. and the thing with the clone I DONT SEE IT only other people do and only when i logon Sesshomaru and logon again and with Sessy (so im loged on twice one as Sesshomaru one as Sessy) is how i can see the clone and i tried to kick the clone but it kicks me Sesshomaru and still shows the clone and after that if i try to kick the clone it says nick Sesshomaru isnt currently in use but it still shows it there. and is there anyway to change when i talk it shows my name as Sesshomaru/#Sesshomaru cuz i just dont like it. oh *sigh* im just confused and i dont explain stuff good either and i dont think you all know what im saying .

I did PM you and it worked. So I think the people are making a mistake. You need to type: /nickserv send Sesshomaru text

And further.. That clone.. I logged on and saw nothing. I just think it’s a missundestanding.

I also said before that your nick is like that when you talk because of you are the room owner You cannot change that..