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ok i guess i didnt explain it that well when i logon and no one is in the chatroom i see that im an op but when someone else logs on they all see ~Sesshomaru and when they try to pm me it says no such nick/channel also when i talk it shows my name as Sesshomaru/#Sesshomaru. if i logoff and someone is still in the chatroom it still shows that ~Sesshomaru is there and i tried the ghost command and it said nick Sesshomaru isnt currently in use. then if someone is in the chatroom when i log back on it shows @Sesshomaru and still shows ~Sesshomaru and i tried the ghost command again and it kicks @Sesshomaru but not ~Sesshomaru it still shows it there. ok i hope that clarifies my problems.

First when you PM, PM to Sesshomaru and not @Sesshomaru or ~Sesshomaru cause the @ and ~ are only commands, and not at your nickname!

Second, you do have a clone, you can only kick that clone but not yourself, so if you are logged in and you see your nickname twice, you can only kick the clone, not your own nickname! I think you are the other one the ~Sesshomaru and not the @Sesshomaru, that will explain your problem.

Further Sesshomaru/#Sesshomaru when you talk is normal, that shows the others you are the founder of the room!