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I am interested in obtaining a printable command list of all user commands, operater commands for created chat rooms. I know that I can use the help command to view this info, but I cannot copy it or print it.

Also, I was wondering what options, if any, are available for modifying the appearance of the chat room. Finally, Can I put my own greeting or MOTD for chatters who enter my chat room?

Anyone who has this info, please post a reply (so others can learn it too). Thanks… and Dave, you seem like a busy guy… so let someone else answer this rather simple question. Unless of course you want to answer it.

Hi there,

Normally I am answering the helpdesk questions cause all the other guyes are very busy I think :S

But I am on vacation now, so I didn’t answer the helpdesk questions for 2 weeks…

Now I will try to help you…

I see you already printed out all the commands so I don’t have to help you anymore with that..

You can only change the colors and font of your chatroom, but not the style that’s a standard template from chattersonline.

And you can’t change the MOTD command, but you CAN add a welcome message to your chatroom.