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Nah it’s not stupid at all. If you just want use a chat room (instead of creating your own), these are chat sites I know of: http://www.zoneteenchat.com, http://www.buzzchat.com – no sign-up is needed for any of these. Another is http://www.talkcity.com (quick registration required – you can also provide a fake e-mail address and it will still let you register)

If you want to create your own chat room, first you need a website. To create a website, go to http://www.yahoo.com, click “geocities” (under the “connect” heading), and sign up for a website (choose pagebuilder, NOT pagewizard). Then launch pagebuilder.

Then create a chat script by going to the “Create Chat Room” section of this website. Once you’ve chosen your script, follow these steps on geocities pagebuilder:

1. Click “add ons”

2. Click “forms and scripts”

3. Click “HTML code.

4. Paste the chat script (the script you got from this website) into the HTML code box (you can leave the description field blank).

5. Click “save” and save the page as “index”.

That’s it! You now have a chat room! Using the commands on this website, you can then control the room – kick people out, mute them, etc.

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