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OK…now that I know what each of the options means…how do I get them to work!?!

A couple of problems that I have encountered….

I can kick a person out, but when I highlight their name and select Kick Ban, I get “%NoSuchChannel”

Also…I added my ‘bad words’ list but tried testing out whether it would kick me off and it didn’t. Why did this not work for me!?!

Please help!

Hmm..Dave will have to help you with the kick/ban. Since everything is being redone some how some of the different buttons and options might have gotten disabled. I will look into that.

The Bad Words will not work you. Since you made the channel and such, it just won’t. Try having someone else log on with a diffeent ISP then you and such. Then tell them to use some of the swear words. If this doesn’t work, you know to come back

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