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I think this is very expensive and nobody’s gonna give money out for this…

Change it dave..

I do not think that is expernsive at all. When you to register or even own your very own channel it is much more. Dave has put so much money into this place, his life savings and his life. It sure will take awhile to make back all of the money that he has used.

He is lucky that he has a caring family who is ok with him putting all of this money into Chattersonline when he could be using it around the house to rebuilt and such.

Be lucky about what he is offering and look around at other places and see those prices.

Thank you Dave for great service and all of the hard work you put into here.

$15 a year for 20 people is less then a dollor per person per year. Not bad at all. Also without any of those annoying popups and banners. Not bad at all.

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