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Scandinavia, WI

Hey VonBeast

Yep we’re still around. Or, that is I am. LOL others do float in from time to time. Alisha is around now and agan. Rza makes the occassional appearance and even Tristan stumbled in the other day.

Yes thanks to you I started down the path of PHP/MySQL development. wwwThreads kicked that off. I’m still on the old license and it’s what is being used here.

In July me and a couple of friends will be releasing a direct competitor (initial beta release) to wwwThreads (UBB.threads now) with a built in photo gallery and portal system. It will be priced right so if you know of anyone looking for such a thing built from the ground up let me know.

I have a number of standard commands disabled on the servers to help keep rooms private and lesson the chance a stray village idiot should wander in. I have been getting a number of requests for room lists so I’ll be adding that as an option under the profiles here so that room owners can enter their room names and descriptions. I’ll create a list from that information and allow it to be browsed with direct entrance from here.

I’m usually auto-dead in #ChattersOnline. Drop in and idle some time. I peak in now and agin while coding on things.

Oh and yes, have a pair of mated clown fish. Will be looking into building me that 1,000 gallon monster tank sometime in the future. I need more fish. LoL

Nothing rhymes with Cindy Crawford after 9 coronas...