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Dave has made a list that will help you in the FAQ’s or you can go strait to the bottom of the main index for help topics

As I heard nothing about it anymore I think it’s solved?


Hi im a Newbie,

I have just pasted my codes to my site, i also used the direct links on most my pages, the chat room seems to working fine, but it says my name or nick serve? isnt registered, but i am recognised when i come to this site?

Also my admin controls?

Please could you help

Hi there!

Don’t make the mistake with this board! The Chatbox and board are not on 1 server.

You have to register your nickname on the chatbox next to this forum. Information about that you can find everywhere on this board!

Your admin controls are in the room. You can type them in, also all information is on the board already


I have just checked my reactivation code, and it says =We cannot proceed.

We were unable to find the account to verify. If this account was registered over 24 hours ago then you will need to re-register as it has been deleted. Otherwise, please check your confirmation email and make sure you followed the link correctly.

Will this mean i will have to change all my codes? i have just put on my site?

No you won’t. Or you already clicked your link, Or you didn’t the past 24 hours so you have to make a new.

But where the hell do you want to activate a account, as I see your account is already activated? It’s just for this board and as long as you have registered here you can create your chatroom. You only receive the code once so it’s important to save it.

If you already plant it on your website you can chat now If you didn’t you have to make another chatroom.. Not a new account

Bye.. bless