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Hello – First of all wanted to thank everyone who helped me out with my connection problems! I finally am up and running.

You’re welcome in the name of ChattersOnline.com lol


My questions was I plan to use this chatroom for a Peer Mentoring group in my college. I was hoping someone could give me either a help manual for this chat site also

Let me correct you, this ISN’T a chatsite.. it’s just a site to create a chatroom for your own! But you CAN chat.. You can log in at the chatroom-code generatorpage..

If you have further questions, just reply them!


is there a way to create administrators

No, But you can ad a successor.. That’s the one who takes your room over, when your nick is dropped next to long time not being active in chatrooms..

And you can ad Operators, All of that you can read at the FAQ and Epona Services board


track room traffic and or basic chat fundamentals.

No you can’t, though you can track your website visits using a counter..like onestat or something!!

And you can do a lot of things with your room, again just read the Epona Services board!