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Thanks to GW millions of Iraqis are free, no more are being tortured, raped or killed, Saddam is caught and never again will be free to pillage his own people and threaten the world. Iran, North Korea and Libya have backed off on their weapons programs since we finally (after 8 years of wimping out under Slick Willys rule) showed backbone. Lybia specifically said they are stopping because of what we have done in Iraq. Lets see, the economy is coming back with a roar, the stock market has recoverd most of its losses from the last two years (caused by Slick Willy’s recession – documented start date: while he was still in office) job growth, which always lags rebounds in the economy is starting to come back, taxes are lower (saving you that $5,000 to build a new house). Hmmmm, I sure don’t see anything not to thank GW for here. And Dave, can you seriously say that you would vote for any of the monkeys in the Dem. primary??? These guys are clueless and if any one of them gets in say good bye to that tax saving you now enjoy. The price of plywood will come back down as soon as the supply catches up with demand then that $5000 you say it costs extra will no longer be there. C’mon Dave…..