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Hello All,

I am wondering… How can I be a “moderator” for my own personal chatroom? I just have NO CLUE!

You have to register you nick + roomname Then you’re the founder of the room so you can have an @ next your name

If you did look, you saw: here is an completly topic about it


Also, How do I make it so that if someone has a “registered” screenname how do I make it so that people have to enter a password for that sn? (Example: The screenname is “Bob” and they click “join chat” then can it say “enter password… this is a registered screen name” Etc… Please help me!

You can have to options.

1. You let your visitors register themself. And they have to protect their nickname, so everybody who takes it HAS to identify him/herself. This by: /ns identify thepassword

2. You take the advanced chatroom code. So you get an passbox in the loginbox

[ http://www.chattersonline.com/ads/files/600-examplechat.txt ]

Hope to helped you enough

Bye, bless