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Hi dear,

Just calm down a bit, I’m going to help you


I am soo confused. I made my own chat room and put it on my website and everything. It works perfectly except I cant put @IamAce as my name so I have control of the room.

You can’t place a @ in your name. The chatroom doens’t accept that. It’s an illegal carracter, so you can’t login. To get an @, you have to register your nickname and room. Then you’ve got full control


Then there’s the buisness of registering your room and name and stuff and it all confusing to me.

It isn’t very difficult, just read the topic:


Slowly, and do everything step by step. It will be allright. And if you still need help or don’t understand anything, just PM me


I need help on how to login on my room so I have control of it and what registering your room and name and stuff is.

If you have registred your nickname and room. You are the founder, if you have identified yourself.

So if you log in, just enter: /ns identify yourpassword

The chanserv will recognize you, and you will have founder status. (it also says that)

To get an @ next your name, enter: /cs op

Then you’ve got full control

Hope to helped you enough,

Bye, Bless