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I have heard that it is possible for one person to enter chat using different nics. What I am trying to achieve is to have a moderator using a particular nic say for instance mod with the@, but i would also like this mod to be able to log into the same chat with a different username without the @ Apparently this can be achieved by the person having to log in twice….in different places. Where do they have to log in apart from the normal chat log in? I asume the nic without the @ would be logged in at the normal log in chat. This way the mod will still be able to chat as a regular, known user but at the same time be able to have operator status with other nic with @ ….. hopefully?

Okay, I’ve got an idea. If it won’t work to login twice (Cause I can’t also) You have to make another website, so for example your website for your visitor is: http://www.site1.com and there do everybody chats.

And you want to make another login for the ops. You take the advanced chatroom code (If you don’t have, I will send you) And place that on another site for example: http://www.operatorlogin.tk or something. So they can login twice


Yup. I have done this on occassion, so have a few antagonist’s….is their a way to hide my IP for my NON-OP nick, when I log in, so people will not know it is me?

No they IP that shows up when you enter is standard. You can change the entry from “Jchatter” to something else in the chatcode. But then will everybody who logs on have this. To make one for your own. I advise to make a website with password protected (or something) for yourself alone. With as “Jchatter” changed in your own name

Hope to helped you enough

Bye, bless