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HI MissLoesjuh,

I appreciate your trying to help.

This IS my first time trying to CREATE a CHAT Room and MY first time CREATING a Message Board. The Message Boards that I have visited, in the past, had a SIMPLE BOX that one would click on and we’d be in the chat room.

I was wondering if I could ADD something LIKE THAT to my message board.

IF THAT is not possible, I wanted to take that long CODE, and convert it to a simpler form, ie., CHAT HERE.

As it stands right now, in my Bulletin Board/Message Board, I have a Forum Title that says, “Chat Link” but it shows up as the looooooooong link that my members have to click on. TO ME, that’s just NOT very ATTRACTIVE.

Hope the above explains further what I am trying to do.

Yes, it’s clear! I’m not a dumb though..But You still didn’t give your website, so I can’t help you. If you give me I can see it and tell you what you do wrong baby..


IN regards to FRIENDS registering their name for the CHAT ROOM — Do they type: “/ns register password email” directly onto/into the Chat Room?

Yes, they do..Logic?



IF after some do that, and I continue on to step 4, can I later add more members?

Yes, but you can add a max. of aops, until it’s reached. I don’t know the limit. You must look at that yourself.


I have goofy friends that make up silly names for CHAT.

Would it be best, do you think, IF I just stop where I am, in regards to the Chat Room?

It is functioning just fine. We love what we have so far !!

If you don’t like your friends’ nicknames, you can tell them to change it. Or else kick them?