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Hi Beth,

You can take a picture box to log in.. So you fill in your name and chat now!.. Or you can take a direct link, so it appears in a popupbox.

What I saw from you post is you have that one, so I try to help you.

If you post your code, is that for the chatbox, but the link for your visitors to click on, is like “Chat Now!”..

Or you have to post it into a forum message, that won’t work since forums don’t allow html in their posts.

You have to post it in a header or a bord as the discription.

Can you give your site url so I can take a look at it?

(It’s here very important you gave that, since it’s need to find out what’s your problem) So remember next time you have a problem, give up your site url.

And your other question, register a nickname? It’s: /ns register password email

(If you looked better, you saw in the bord “Nickserv” there are all the available options showed..)

Hope to helped you enough..

bye, bless