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All web pages are stored in the browser’s cache areas (mozilla, opera, IE) as far as I know. Some webmasters feel the need to hide their html code because they don’t want others using their code. I have used this technique back in 96 when I first started messing with html. After a point, one realizes that it is silly to do so because it only prevents the casual attempts at viewing the code. If a person really wants to view the code they can, if they work at it.

I don’t know what line they think is significant in the source that would provide them with some sort of controls but I can assure you there isn’t a security risk in the html of the chat pages. Perhaps they are thinking they could add additional variable input at the login box to the chat page? That’s possible but any variables not expected are destroyed after extraction in the scripts.

I really have no idea what they may be thinking but I’m not worried about it. It’s only html, not rocket science.

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