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Disabling right click is an old and nowdays useless trick to prevent visitors from viewing the html source code of a page. Since these pages are stored in your browser’s cache locally they can be retrieved and viewed in a simple text editor. Given this, there is no real point to preventing right clicks from the mouse and I see no real reason to do so in the chat pages.

The person giving you this advise may have done a right click and viewed source to see their nickname password being used in the applet’s parameters. Since they are the only one able to view their page’s source their information is as secure as their computer. If they are truly paranoid about thier password being in the applet’s parameters they should close the window when they leave the computer or perhaps activate a screen saver which requires a password to get past before continuing.

Ok.. No it’s not that. There was a line in the whole html source that would be able to have controls from your pc. When they change links etc.. It would be a lot of work and there would be no one who would do this. But the person (who is a computer programmer) said if they REALLY WANT they can do this with the source.

But you said if you do that, they will still be able to view the source, because of the TEMP ??