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Scandinavia, WI

Hi Roar

I visited your site using my Toshiba laptop. Everything seem to work for me as far as the chat room goes. I’m using SuSE Linux with Mozilla’s Firebird browser and the latest Sun Java plugin.

Your site was easy to navigate and read. (after I realized you were using an image map at the entrance) Perhaps making the links in the image map stand out a bit more? It didn’t take me long to find the links though so no biggie.

Search engines/spiders can usually follow HREF statements so they should be able to index your site easy enough. Getting into the search engines is a good first step. You’ll need more text content on your pages to have them rank better in searches. Perhaps writing a paragraph describing each type of ‘fringe freak’ would work.

Your traffic may be helped by the use of a banner exchange program. I’d recommend VesperExchange since I use it too. Today I had 4 click though’s to my site out of 1,900 banners displayed. That’s pretty good, really. (well I think so) LoL

Get a message board. (if your looking to build a community) This will allow your visitors/members to interact. If money is an issue I would suggest phpBB.com for a good free one. This isn’t a hosted board and you will need PHP/MySQL to be available on your server.

Here’s a list of sites you may find useful:

http://www.alistapart.com/ (various webmaster articles discussing CSS, Java, XHTML, and information related applying web standards to your site)

http://www.thecounter.com/stats/ (to get an idea of what browsers and operating systems are being used on the net including their settings)

http://www.dynamicdrive.com/ (various javascript/html code to spice things up)

http://www.hotscripts.com (lots of scripts and other usefull information)

http://www.w3.org/ (the place web standards are set)

If I think of more things to say I’ll add them in.

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