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New Boston, NH, USA

I agree. Bush shouldn’t even be president. I’m not really a Gore man, but I think the country would be in better shape if he had won. The whole Florida election thing reaally sucked. There’s something wrong when you can’t count the votes twice and get the same numbers. Its funny that that contriversy happened in the state where Bush’s family member was in charge. I really wanted McCain to be President. I think he could have gotten a clear majority and done a good job.

We really shouldn’t have been in Iraq. It was a total setup. Bush demands that Saddam turn over WofMD that he knows that Saddam most likely doesn’t have or we invade. So, we invade. A very bad thing. This kind of thing is very bad for the US in the global marketplace, in addition to all the cash outlay to support the “rebuilding” of Iraq.

I too hope that we won’t have 4 more years of the Bush war machine.

Sorry for my spelling and gramar. I don’t know whats with my gramar skills today.

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