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Scandinavia, WI

Hi Fae, I wish I knew.

Of course if you look at the fact that the advertisements in these chat rooms don’t actually make any money because they are just banner exchanges I could remove the banners too and still be no worse off. I may, in fact, just do that once the servers have been recoded to limit ‘free’ rooms to 5 users.

The only money generated by advertising that I recieve is from the text ads listed on the lower left hand of the page. Some months I make almost .50 cents. (no joke)

All in all, I can’t see how anyone can not continue in today’s internet services without charging a fee for them. 1998 is over and the free internet is dead along with a lot of dot bombs that figured advertising would pay their bills online. LoL the only reason I’m here is because I’m stubborn and I work from a shoestring budget.

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