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Scandinavia, WI

It will be limited sometime before the year is over. I just haven’t had the time or money to get that finished up. At the moment I’m under a ton of work but once that’s out of the way I’ll be able to get back to this more diligently. The cost/price is very low compared to other paid solutions that are out there. I have bounced back and forth on prices some because I am cutting it so close to line on what will pay the bills and what doesn’t. I’m not trying to turn a proffit although that would be nice… lol

Current price ideas is:

$10 dollars = 10 user limit, no banners, per year.

$15 dollars = 20 user limit, no banners, per year.

$25 dollars = 35 user limit, no banners, custom smilies/sounds option, per year.

$1 dollar per user per year after 35.

The custom smilies/sounds option may be added to the other packages for $5 dollars a year also.

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