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Ouch.. sorry to hear about the previous owner. My condolences.

Thanks for making me aware of the conflicting information. I’ll make the corrections soon.

1. Even if someone else opens the room they will not be granted @’s unless they have been added to the room’s access or AOP list.

2. As a room owner you do have full control over it’s settings. Related post: How do I get full control of my room?

3. For a list of ChanServ, NickServ, BotServ and MemoServ commands you can query each service while in chat and then type ‘help’ in the private message window for a full list of available commands.

Example commands:

Type: /query ChanServ

In the private message window with ChanServ type: help

4. As the room’s owner you’ll be able to /kick users. Room operators are also allowed to use this command as well. At this point you are the only one allowed to do so.

5. Yes but not for a week or so. I have the new code generator working on my local server but still have a few things to finish up. Users will be able to select their desired chat window size before they enter.

I know that the for most of the users here IRC is very new as far as chatting goes. But, when you compare the options that users have as far as being able to connect to the room I think it is much better. At some point I hope to have a number of articles here covering chat features and different aspects of chat from around the net. But, as I always seem to realize time and time again, there’s only 24 hours in my 36 hour days. LoL

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