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Scandinavia, WI

The “fee based” offering should be fairly soon. I’m going to use PayPal.com to accept payments and have figured out a way to make it automatic so nobody has to wait for me to approve them. The uploading of graphics isn’t something that will be very difficult for me to impliment. I will probably have to add a Terms Of Service to this stating that only graphics owned by the user can be uploaded and used. I got my butt in trouble over a room owner using a copyrighted graphic for a background with their chat page. That feature is disabled because of that.

I have 2 jobs to finish up this week. Actually I have till monday with one of them. Once they are out of the way I can get back to my own stuff.

Order of things:

-new website for new year

-accept fee based subscriptions

-build on features

Nothing rhymes with Cindy Crawford after 9 coronas...