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Scandinavia, WI

Mike, you never asked for help. You demanded it. I don’t go out of my way to respond to anyone that “demands” anything from me. If you wanted help you could have asked for it in a more polite way. But, rather than ask you demand? I have a question, not a demand. Have you read the Chat Room FAQ section? Your question IS answered in there.

This site is something I do for fun. You must be under the impression that it’s a corporation with a few million in the bank being wasted on giving stuff away for free in hopes that somehow such a stupid business plan will make money. Well it’s not. I have real world headaches just as any other person including mortgages/car payments/doctor bills and a ton of other things to deal with in real life. In fact, just an hour before I replied to your first demand I had to clean my youngest son’s vomit off my dashboard and seats of my car. After seeing him spew breakfast (well it kinda looked like it) all over the place I almost joined him but was able to force it back down. He’s catching what I have so I know how he is feeling. I rush him home, get him out of his vomit drenched clothing and into a bath. Now that he’s in the bath I find time to turn the computer on and go over as much as possible all things internet, including this little site of mine. It’s a time for me to relax. But, I get demands. Demands from people I don’t even know over something they get for free and I should drop everything and come running?

I don’t drop everything and run to the computer everytime someone needs help. I especially don’t do it for those that demand my help. If you think you deserve that kind of assistance here over something you get for free then please try using one of the corporations out there that do provide this type of service. Have you tried talkcity.com or beseen.com or.. wait.. I forget that these corporations went BANKRUPT. I guess it was because they gave stuff away free and offered support to users as if they were paying customers. If this is the sort of support your demanding then by all means start sending me $20 bucks a month and I’ll gladly drop everything and answer your demands.

Your disappointed? I’m disappointed. I can not believe that someone would make demands over something they are provided for free.

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