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The automatic room operator status given to the first person to enter a room is a standard function of IRC servers. This can be avoided by registering your room with ChanServ on the chat network. To do this you first need to gain room operator status by being the first person to enter the room, register your nickname with NickServ on the chat network and then register the room with ChanServ. These steps are outlined as follows:

1. Enter the room first and gain room operator status.

2. Type: /nickserv register YourPassword YourEmail

(replace YourPassword and YourEmail your own information)

3. Type: /chanserv register #RoomName YourPassword RoomDescription

(replace RoomName with the name of your room and keep the # character in front of it with no space, replace YourPassword with your own information and RoomDescription needs to be replaced with a short sentence describing your room)

4. Now nobody will be given automatic operator status unless you add them to the room’s access list.

For you to gain this access you need to first identify with nickserv using this command: /nickserv identify YourPass

Then you need to instruct chanserv to give you operator status by using this command: /chanserv op #YourRoomName

You will be able to find more information about this subject in the chat room FAQ section of the forums. Here is a related link: Full Room Control

I hope this gets you going in the right direction.

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