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Scandinavia, WI

Hi Lloyd,

I had to get rid of some old files as my disk space was getting near the “nasty letter from host” size. Chat rooms using the old script entrance were affected. I had placed a warning about updating the chat code a long time back and thought I had left it up for long enough that everyone would catch it and update. It’s been close to a year though since I had that warning up. I just hadn’t gotten around to removing the old files untill I had no choice… lol

You can edit the code you currently have and replace all occurances of http://www.chattersonline.com/main/ with http://www.chattersonline.com/ads/ and it should work. Otherwise you will need to generate some new code.

Some new changes are on the horizon and this will change once more but after this next change I will be able to store everyone’s chat room code locally so when I do change things I can mass change everyone’s code accordingly without interupting their chat entrances. (I can’t hardly wait) but I’m the onlyone that works on it so I can only get it done in my spare time which there hasn’t been much of lately. Sorry.

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