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Anyone that enters a chat room first gets the @’s next to their nick signifying that they are the room’s operator. To avoid this you need to register the room with chanserv. Example: If your room’s name is MyRoom and your nickname is MyNick and you use the made up password of MyPass and the description of your room is This is My Room you would first type this:

/nickserv register MyNick MyPass

Then if you are the first in your room and you have the @’s next to your nickname you can type this to register the room:

/chanserv register #MyRoom MyPass This is My Room

Now your room is registered. Next time you enter you will not be given automatic @’s because it is registered. You will need to type this:

/nickserv identify MyPass

/chanserv op

Ok now before you can give friends access to your room they need to register their nicknames with nickserv using the /nickserv register MyNick MyPass method described above. Once they have done that you can add them to your room’s access (aop list) by typing this:

/chanserv aop #MyRoom add FriendsNick

Now when they enter your room they need to do the same thing you have to do to get @’s. They need to type:

/nickserv identify TheirPass

/chanserv op

Ok that’s about all I can think of at the moment. Have a look at the Chat Room FAQ section and also check out the Epona section to look over ChanServ, NickServ, BotServ and MemoServ information and commands.

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