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Network News: The rumors about my death have been greatly exaggerated...
Posted on 02/02/05 09:33 PM by Dave

LoL I'm around people. (thats if anyone noticed I was not)

I have been extremely busy with the real world. I'm once again sitting in front of the computer and will be making changes and catching up on things. I would like to say thanks to the hand full of people that have sent a donation to help support this site. After the next round of updates here I'll not forget your help.

I'll be switching this site over to new software that a couple of friends and I are working on. It's a php based forum of our own design. You can find it at fusionbb.com if your interested. I'll be integrating an automatic payment feature for subscriptions into this forum and once I have that completed I'll change over to it here. That way I can start offering some additional chat options for a very economic price. (remember I hate to spend money myself) LoL

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Network News: Now for the rest of the story... (well at least more than before)
Posted on 02/18/04 01:07 PM by Dave

It may be even longer before I am able to get my data back. Good grief this isn't even something that entered my mind when I was told the servers are down. From what I can figure, the FBI has the servers I was hosted on. (now don't think I was the only one, please)

Here's what the ISP has had to say:

http://www.cithosting.com/, related article here

(the servers were under Foonet, btw)

Update: Here's the answer. How wonderful.

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Network News: Ok worse than I thought....
Posted on 02/15/04 05:04 PM by Dave

I'll have a new server up and running within the next couple hours. I'll have a fresh install of services running with it also. All the services information stored on the old server may or may not be retrieved later. If not everyone will have to set up their rooms again. (sorry) But hey, on the bright side you'll have memorized the commands by now. LoL

Anyhow, after I get a new server up and going I'll get the second new server (completely different geo location) up and running as well for some redundancy again.

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Network News: Network downtime...
Posted on 02/14/04 10:25 AM by Dave

There has been some problems with the server. It is unreachable at this time and may be for the remainder of the day. Things are being worked on as quickly as possible.

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